Furthering Your Brand Should Be A Fun Learning Experience.

We make sure your design matches where you want your company to be.

Working with Odvant

We want to collaborate with you

We’re the experts of design, you are the expert of your business. We want, no, demand you have a say in the evolution of your brand.

However, we’re not going to let you use Comic Sans in your logo. We care about you too much to let you do that.

We dare you

Doing the same thing a million times? No thanks. Endless time and budget to complete a project? Boring!

We relish challenging projects of all shapes and sizes.

We know you are putting your trust in us

That is why we work tirelessly to make sure your experience is stress-free and, dare we say it, fun! Your success is our success.

We can be friends

Never seeing you after a project is not what we do; we invest in friendships not just partnerships. So, come on, and give us a hug.

Core Values

If our success comes at the expense of others, then it is a failure. We want our work to leave a positive impact on our clients and community.

Sharing our knowledge and talents does not diminish us. It creates a stronger community of businesses and designers.

We have strong ties to arts and education. Educators and artists got us to where we are today, so we feel it is vital to give back.

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