The top three things you will hear us talk about at work are:

1. Food
2. Kids
3. Probably more food

Don’t worry, we focus on our projects, too. After we eat.

We are also devoted to making our communities better through volunteering and participating on various boards.

Our Vision

To provide an uplifting space for organizations to discover their strengths so that they can have the confidence to inspire trust with the people they serve.

Our Mission

We empower mission-driven small businesses and nonprofits to grow as they create positive change in their communities through strategic branding and design.

We are a small but mighty team, with a passion for branding and a love for connections.


We believe that purpose-driven organizations should never be held back by their business card design again.

Dena Nord

Creative Director | Process Protector

“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort.
You cannot have both.”
Brene Brown

Founding Partner
Human Mom to Two
Dog Mom
Taco Eater
Automation Nerd
Loves Pie Charts Too Much

Nydia Maurás-Jones

Strategy Director | Customer Enabler

“Fear makes you brave, bravery makes you ambitious, and ambition makes you better.”
Stacey Abrams

Founding Partner
Human Mom to Two
Cat Mom-ish
Carb Eater
Local Politics Nerd
Loves Pie Too Much

Madeline Rittgers

Lead Designer | Illustrator

I can illustrate your dog and then throw him a frisbee in an ultimate game. 

our core values

we want to collaborate with you

We’re the experts of design, you are the expert of your business. We want, no, demand you have a say in the evolution of your brand. However, we’re not going to let you use Comic Sans in your logo. We care about you too much to let you do that.

we dare you

Doing the same thing a million times? No thanks. Endless time and budget to complete a project? Boring! We relish challenging projects of all shapes and sizes.

you can trust us

That is why we work tirelessly to make sure your experience is stress-free and, dare we say it, fun! Your success is our success.

we want to be friends

Never seeing you after a project is not what we do; we invest in friendships not just partnerships. So, come on, and give us a hug.

Want to love your brand like never before?

Schedule a quick Clarity Call. We'll talk about you, we'll talk about us, we'll talk about baked goods. It will be fun!