The Importance Of Process 

Many people outside of the creative and communication fields seem mystified by how we get our ideas. In their eyes the process seems quick and painless. But as we know, it is actually long and painful. Creativity is a process and we need to do a better job of sharing it.

Here are several reasons why defining and communicating YOUR OWN process improves client relationships:
1. It justifies your value.
If your client thinks you are just going to draw a logo, clean it up a bit, and call it a day, why would they want to pay a decent fee for that? When they see the research, collaboration, intuition, and experience that comes with that “simple” logo, they will value the end product more. What can you share about your own process that your clients would love to know?

2. Enriches your partnership.
When your client is part of the process, they have “buy in”. They can point to the end product and see where they had a part in it. They also can see how the sausage is made, or the t-shirt is designed, whatever it is. They not only like being a part of the process, most of the time the end product is much stronger this way.

3. It decreases surprises.
When you have defined the steps before and during the process, your client may have less anxiety about when you will accomplish certain items. If they can talk to you at every step, it will hopefully decrease panicked emails or calls at dinner. 

4. Everyone knows what is expected of them.
When all the stakeholders know what is expected of them, they can prepare at their own pace. Having a transparent process allows for everyone to be prepared for each step and not feel overwhelmed half way through when you ask them to bring a few things to the next meeting. 

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