7 Tips for Nonprofit Leaders

Summer is a time for sunshine, vacations, and relaxation. But for nonprofit leaders, it can also be a season of engagement challenges. With everyone in holiday mode, how do you keep your audience connected and involved in your cause? Here’s a light-hearted yet practical guide to help you navigate the sunny season.


1. Embrace the Summer Vibes

First, lean into the season. Host outdoor events, like a beach cleanup or a picnic fundraiser. Share photos and stories of your team enjoying the summer while making a difference. This not only shows your organization in a positive light but also creates relatable and shareable content.

2. Leverage Seasonal Content

People love seasonal content! Tailor your campaigns to fit the summer mood. Create blog posts, social media content, and newsletters with summer themes. Highlight any summer-specific issues your organization addresses. Share stories and stats to inform your audience and prompt action.

3. Host Virtual Events

Virtual events are a great way to keep your audience engaged without them having to leave their backyards. Host webinars, live Q&A sessions, or virtual tours. Make it interactive with polls, quizzes, and live chats.

4. Share Impact Stories

Summer is the perfect time to share heartfelt stories of your nonprofit’s impact. Whether it’s a success story or a behind-the-scenes look, these stories resonate deeply with your audience. Personal touches make a big difference.

5. Engage with Visual Content

Use bright, eye-catching visuals in your posts. Share photos, videos, and infographics that are informative and visually stimulating. Visual content is easily shareable and can quickly capture attention.

6. Run Summer-Themed Campaigns

Create campaigns that leverage summer excitement. Host a photo contest or a virtual run. These activities engage your audience and spread awareness in a fun and interactive way.

7. Offer Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Offer volunteer opportunities that are flexible and enjoyable. Whether it’s a one-day event or a short-term project, make it easy for people to get involved.


Keeping your audience engaged in the summertime can be easier than you think. Keep things light and fun to maintain your connection with your audience.


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