What Makes a Strong Nonprofit Brand?

Your nonprofit has a compelling story to tell. But, what is the best way to tell that story?


Nonprofit organizations need a solid brand strategy to create brand recognition. It’s not just a logo. It’s not just a tagline. It’s not just the colors, fonts, or icons.

It is all those things and more.

You can probably list a few nonprofit brands that are killing it with their target audience. But can you define a brand? What goes into the special magic sauce to make a brand successful?

From marketing materials to digital marketing, a good brand strategy has several elements working together to create an authentic and consistent brand story.

1. Brand Personality

These are the human-like traits that your brand embodies, such as being friendly, adventurous, edgy, or professional. It creates connections with your customers and helps you stand out.

2. Visual Identity

Your logo, color scheme, fonts or typography, and imagery all work together to create a distinctive visual representation of your brand. Maintaining a consistent visual style makes your nonprofit look more professional, which builds trust with your stakeholders.

3. Voice

This encompasses the language and tone you use to communicate with your customers, including your tagline, the organization’s mission statement, and any other messaging that represents your brand’s values and personality.

4. Values

Your brand’s values are the beliefs and principles that drive your company internally and influence your interactions with customers externally. 

If you live up to your brand story at every touchpoint – from visual design to messaging to development – people will trust you.

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