Good branding is foundational to a good business.

Consumers make most decisions based on emotions. (Harvard Business School professor Jerry Zaltman says that 95% of our purchase decision-making takes place subconsciously. It’s science.) How can you connect emotionally with your customers?


People connect deeply to stories. They can see themselves in the story, imagine what decisions they would make, how their lives could change. A good brand story helps people identify with your business. Making decisions emotionally after connecting to a story does not make the decisions irrational. A strong, consistent story builds trust with new and existing customers. If you live up to your brand promise at every touchpoint of your business – from visual design to messaging to customer service – people will trust you. So consumers are not making irrational, emotional decisions. They are making decisions based on the trust and belief they have in your business.

They feel connected.

What’s your brand story? What are you telling the world about your quality and values?