There’s less than a week until Women’s Entrepreneurship Week!!! Woo hoo! (Or maybe WEW-hoo?)

For those of you not familiar with WEW, it is an inspiring week full of informative speakers, interactive workshops, and nonstop networking opportunities.

Over 80 women and non-binary individuals will be sharing their knowledge throughout the week. Most of the events are free or have a very affordable admission price. It’s all the fun of your favorite conference without leaving town or spending a fortune!

We have been fans of WEW since the very beginning. It fills your heart and mind like no other networking event in the city. Since She Stands Tall took it over last year, the event has grown even fuller. For us, the only downside is when it’s over!

Why do we love WEW so much? Let us count the ways. Literally.

1. Making Connections.

It’s not just networking. It’s seeing friends on a near daily basis for a week and meeting new fantastic people. It’s being surrounded by smart, talented, caring people who are genuinely interested in learning more about you. I am still in contact with many people I met at last year’s WEW.

2. Nonstop Learning.

There is something for everyone at WEW. The variety of topics covers a wide range, from “Lessons From Our First Years” for small business owners to “Calm the Calendar” for anyone. 

3. Valuable Contacts.

Making friendly connections was fun, but we also added some fantastic companies to our list of trusted contacts and vendors. (Looking at you Summit Credit Union and Confluence Graphics!)

4. Sharing Our Expertise.

We love branding. We love talking about branding. We love when people want to listen to us talk about branding! But, seriously, presenting topics near and dear to our hearts is something we have loved doing since the beginning of WEW.

5. It’s Fun!

We had great food, did some serious shopping, and saw some new-to-us venues throughout the city. What more could you want from a networking week?

There is still time to register for Women’s Entrepreneurship Week. Events may start filling up soon, so be sure to sign up now.

See you there!

Women's Entrepreneurship Week

Where You Can Find Us During WEW

Here are just a few events we will be attending (or presenting at).

Mentorship Meetup
building art
all about the app
build a brand story
Building community
goals illustrated

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