Milwaukee Artists
Resource Network

Rebranding | RePositioning | Brand Guidelines 

MARN is a non-profit that provides support and business resources to their member artists. We worked closely with staff, the Board, and MARN members during the brand research and name exploration phase to help identify needs and goals. We created a brand centered around the artist and used the “A” in MARN as their focus.

The full scope of work included: Brand research phase, Name exploration phase, Focus group facilitation, Board presentation, Identity design, Marketing materials, Brand style guide, and Marketing materials

“The Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN), selected Odvant to create the first major update of our logo and corresponding style guide in nearly ten years. The thoroughness of their research and the depth of their creativity successfully captured our vision, resulting in a new and exciting rebranding of our organization. MARN highly recommends the Odvant team for any creative services!”

Mal Montoya, President & CEO, MARN

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