Milwaukee Parks Foundation

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The Milwaukee Parks Foundation is dedicated to supporting Milwaukee County Parks through fundraising, advocacy, and partnerships. When the organization consisted of only an executive director they approached us to revamp their logo, which had served as a temporary placeholder. We developed a brand that was tied to the maple leaf inside the Milwaukee County Parks Logo.

Milwaukee County Parks is one of the top park systems in the nation. Unfortunately, unless something changes, by 2027 Milwaukee County will not have the funds to maintain our parks properly. MPF raised over $500K in their first year alone to support this cause.

Now with a team of three full-time staff members, we have continued to assist them in managing their brand across various mediums, including print and web. We have streamlined their brand assets and created multiple subbrands. 

In 2023, we collaborated on the development and launch of an online merchandise store, which has helped diversify their sources of donations.

Fun Fact! All the illustrations used in the MPF Brand are of native Wisconsin Plants.

SubBrand Created for Milwaukee County Parks

Fabulous, right?

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