Webers Greenhouse

Brand Design and Brand Strategy

Webers Greenhouse is a cherished neighborhood plant store located at 4215 North Green Bay Avenue. This beautiful greenhouse was founded back in 1931 by Frank Weber, originally selling just flowers. The greenhouse has now grown to have a deeper mission, covers almost an acre of land, and sells tons of varieties of veggies, flowers, and more.

Our design process was inspired by a vintage red neon sign that stands on the building today. Drawing inspiration from its charm, we enhanced the hand-drawn letters to ensure legibility while preserving the whimsical features. Additionally, we incorporated a two-tone shadow to the primary logo, mirroring the depth of the neon sign. To support the primary logo, we crafted a new sub mark icon and a “Powered by Teens Grow Teens” badge.

The vibrant color palette complements the Teens Go Greens brand, the parent organization of Webers Greenhouse. Teens Go Greens is dedicated to empowering teenagers through transformative experiences, skill development, and connections to leadership opportunities. Webers Greenhouse proudly employs six apprentices each summer, all graduates of the Teens Grow Greens program.

Odvant redesigned our logo and we couldn’t be happier.
Their team took great care in telling our story perfectly in their designs, and the process was really fun!

Claire Muza, Growing Director, Webers Greenhouse

Fabulous, right?

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